Meet WuXi NextCODE at ASCO 2019 to learn how we are supporting cancer research efforts through:

Patient cohorts for target discovery

  • 400K patients and matched controls
  • WGS, omics, deep disease phenotype

Global CLIA/CAP labs and sequencing

  • WGS, WES, Panels and much more
  • Full coverage WGS from archival FFPE blocks

Ensemble A.I. and Bioinformatics services

  • An extension to your team and project needs


Look forward to seeing you in Chicago,
The WuXi NextCODE team



Whole Genome Sequencing of archival FFPE tissue supports true variant detection without artifacts

Abstract: SeqPlus sequencing methodology enables robust whole-genome sequencing, true variant detection, and novel genomic insights from archival esophageal carcinoma FFPE samples.



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