At Genuity Science, our mission is to improve lives through purpose-driven genomics research that aims to accelerate the development of new treatments and improve outcomes for patients. The responsibility of delivering this outcome is shared across industry, academia, healthcare and patients.


Partnering with patients and patient organisations helps us to find the best way to inform and involve the patient community with our research. At Genuity Science, we want to expand this engagement by establishing a Participant Advisory Board (PAB). The PAB will provide unprecedented insight into understanding perceptions and receptivity to current approaches and potentially new practices in genomic research. You, as patients and the public, are the ultimate beneficiaries of our work, therefore your perspectives, knowledge and experiences are essential.

We would like to capture the patient voice across key areas of our business: strategy, data stewardship, study recruitment, education programmes, material development and communications. Through these activities, the PAB will co-create solutions that will improve patients’ experience in genomic research and help shape healthcare of the future.