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Senior members of our Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) team with advanced biology domain, bioinformatics and computational statistical expertise personally consult with you to create tailored, statistically valid experimental designs, which employ cutting-edge, scientifically validated deep learning strategies.

From secondary analyses to latest AI/ML approaches, we can generate robust working hypotheses and glean meaningful information from your data. Examples of our single cell AI/ML methods include: 

  • Generative AI strategies for unsupervised cell clustering 
  • Supervised ensemble AI/ML classification strategies 
  • Directed cell differentiation trajectory networks for time series data 
  • Zero-inflated negative binomial models for differential gene expression analysis
  • Structural causal modeling for directed gene dependency networks
  • Nested functional enrichment of gene ontology (GO) terms

"A major challenge in single cell sequencing data analysis is the separation of thousands of cells into meaningful clusters. Given the high dimensionality of these data, traditional machine learning approaches cannot robustly distinguish cell clusters without a priori estimation of cell cluster number designations. This presents the need for more unbiased methods that will learn from the data how similar or different the individual cells are." - Megan Hickland

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Recent Success Combining Single Cell Sequencing with AI/Advanced Analytics

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eBook: Top Five Considerations for Your Next Single Cell Project

This eBook demystifies some of the most important decisions that are necessary when deciding to pursue a single cell sequencing project. Attention to detail in these decisions will ensure your team leverages the data they generate efficiently and to the greatest benefit of your company. This eBook contains key questions you should ask of your research team when thinking about your next single cell sequencing project.

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