Supporting global biopharma companies leveraging robust single-cell technologies for accelerated and improved drug development

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An End-to-End Solution

Analysis from sample to insight

Adding single cell sequencing data to your research plan doesn't mean you need an expert on staff.  The Genuity Science team can manage it all from receiving blood or tissue samples to advanced analytics and AI.

  • Sample processing
  • Single cell suspension and library preparation using 10x Genomics technology
  • Next-generation sequencing
  • Data analysis for gene expression and TCR / BCR profiling

Actionable Results

Let our team of experts be your guide

Single cell sequencing and immune profiling data are only worth your investment when you have confidence in every step of the process.  Our scientists have experience designing single cell experiments and executing at every stage of single cell sequencing assays.

Every project is led by an experienced project manager who ensures each step of the process is coordinated with your team.  Our data analysis and insight team are world-leaders in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for single cell sequencing data. 

Our high quality standards and high-touch partnership approach deliver results your team can count on.

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eBook: Top Five Considerations for Your Next Single Cell Project

This eBook demystifies some of the most important decisions that are necessary when deciding to pursue a single cell sequencing project. Attention to detail in these decisions will ensure your team leverages the data they generate efficiently and to the greatest benefit of your company. This eBook contains key questions you should ask of your research team when thinking about your next single cell sequencing project.

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Hear how Gilead Sciences uses single cell immune profiling in their clinical studies:

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Need more analysis support?

Learn about our advanced analytics and AI. 

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