Unlock the Potential of your Samples

Extract higher-quality DNA

SeqPlus is an optimized FFPE extraction method developed by Genuity Science which enables higher-quality DNA extraction than conventional methods.  Preparing samples for the TSO 500 Assay using SeqPlus ensures that high-quality DNA is used for library preparation meaning more samples pass QC.  Learn more by downloading the whitepaper.

Compared to conventional extraction methods, SeqPlus offers:

  • Higher DNA yield
  • Improved target coverage
  • More diverse libraries
  • A higher TSO 500 sample success rate

Accelerate Your Cancer Research

Deliver more insight from your valuable samples

The TruSightTM Oncology 500 (TSO 500) Assay from Illumina is a comprehensive next-generation sequencing assay that identifies known and emerging biomarkers from tumor samples. Genuity Science offers the complete TSO 500 workflow so you can go from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue to analyzed data easily.  Download the datasheet for more information.

Benefits of the TSO 500 Assay:

  • Pan-cancer assay which targets 523 clinically-relevant genes from DNA and 55 genes from RNA all in a kit-based assay
  • Identifies SNV and indels as well as fusions and splice variants all from a single sample
  • Optimized for FFPE tumor tissue samples — no germline control samples are required
  • Tumor mutational burden (TMB) analysis performance similar to whole exome sequencing and greater than other panels

The TSO500 Assay Offers Insight Across the Entirety of Your Drug Development Process

Drug Discovery Process

The TSO500 Assay is an excellent alternative to whole exome sequencing for panel-based Tumor Mutational Burden analysis.

Global availability means fewer concerns about the accessibility of lab-developed tests at all of your research sites.

Available as a Research Use Only (RUO) assay.

Determine which patient groups benefit from a particular treatment.

Interested in using TSO 500 for IUO?  Tell us about your needs.

Workflow v2-1

More reasons to partner with Genuity Science for your TSO 500 assay:

  • Our global laboratory network provides options that work for you:
    • US: TSO 500 RUO assay, CAP validation in progress
    • Ireland: GDPR compliant, TSO 500 assay as a custom service
  • 7-10 calendar days turn-around time for prospective clinical trials 
  • Concierge level project management services manage logistics, sample management, and data delivery—additional peace of mind during complex projects.
  • Standardized analytics and reporting is provided, with raw genomic data returned to you 

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