Our advantage: A unique hybrid platform 

We bring together the world's most advanced and proven genomics and AI/ML capabilities to generate novel insights into many of the biggest challenges and opportunities in global health. Our validated, published strategies are defining novel molecular pathways and mechanisms driving disease initiation and progression in conditions from cardiovascular disease to cancer. Together with our partners we are applying this knowledge to accelerate the discovery and development of better drugs, diagnostics, and clinical analytics to benefit people and patients worldwide.​

Advanced Genomics

The world's leading platform in human genomics

Genomics offers a systematic, efficient and largely hypothesis-free means of analyzing human biology and disease. Genes and genome variants linked to a phenotype provide a foothold in biology of a condition, a first step in understanding the pathways underlying disease. They can therefore provide a better grounded starting point for more effective means of diagnosis and treatment than the classic approach of beginning from the signs and symptoms of a given condition.

We deploy our genomics capabilities across the range of life sciences applications, from target discovery to portfolio optimization and
clinical trial design. 

Robust tools for mining massive genomic datasets and advanced statistical analysis

Since their first iterations in Iceland the late 1990s, our bioinformatics team and genomic data analytics have managed and mined the world's largest genome datasets. 

Our Genomically Ordered Relational database (GORdb) architecture offers unrivalled efficiency for querying and joining massive sequence and phenotypic datasets. Our insights team can rapidly query datasets of any size, including all major global reference collections and even the UK Biobank WES (and soon WGS), through a single interface. On the front end, we have tools to meet the task at hand - from diagnostic applications searching for validated variants in single cases to case-control queries involving hundreds of thousands of genomes, all in a cloud-based, federated, replicable manner.

Some of the highest quality genomic and deeply phenotyped datasets 

In the US and Europe, we have curated some of the most deeply phenotyped cohorts in the world for cardiovascular disease, cancer, NASH, and Alzheimer's Disease, among other indications, and can work with a nationwide network of local clinicians to recruit participants for a broad range of phenotypes. Our CAP-certified sequencing facility can generate clinical grade WGS and WES, as well as single-cell and detailed omics data for more focused studies and for projects to which we can apply our machine learning and AI tools.

We deploy our genomics capabilities across the range of life sciences applications, from target discovery to portfolio optimization and clinical trial design.

Proven AI/ML

Biologically validated, published AI/ML: No black boxes

Our AI/ML team has a long track record of landmark advances in the application of machine learning and unconventional computing to human biology, and we leverage this know-how in tandem with our genomics. The combination offers an unparalleled an engine for generating novel, validated, replicable insights into why and how diseases arise and progress, and for understanding how and where to intervene to diagnose and interupt the disease process. 

Our machine learning offers a powerful and logical complement to genomics. Following the discovery of variants that correlate with risk of a given phenotype, our ML tools can tease out the full pathways and causal dependency structures underlying disease. We have the ability can design and run highly focused and efficient single-cell experiments, testing millions of hypotheses on small datasets in very short time.

Unlike most machine learning teams, we validate our findings not only in silico but in vitro and in vivo; our studies are published in peer-reviewed journals, so that our results can be reviewed and replicated by other scientists. As a result, our novel algorithms, our pioneering use of unconventional and quantum computing capabilities, and our know-how in combining and applying existing tools offer results that can be applied with confidence to discover and develop new ways of diagnosing and treating disease.

We are constantly expanding the potential and applications of our AI/ML toolbox, which today includes: 

  • Novel, in vivo-validated causal dependency models of the drivers of disease initiation and progression
  • Focused single-cell experimentation and generative AI/ML to identify aberrant cell populations driving disease
  • Automated disease classification for diagnostics, clinical trials and precision medicine
  • Novel natural language processing (NLP) and digital imaging know-how for phenomapping in clinical care
  • Pioneering applications of quantum approaches to human multiomics data, uncovering robust and replicable signals and drug targets in small patient cohorts

In 2021, we launched the Genuity AI Research Institute (GAIRI), a collaborative R&D platform that convenes leading global life sciences, technology and academic organizations to work together alongside our AI/ML team to ask and answer some of the biggest questions in biology and medicine - and to turn that knowledge into new medicine to benefit people around the world.