Cost Effective, Deep Sequencing

Since whole exome sequencing (WES) only sequences the protein coding domains (exons) of the genome, it reduces the cost of sequencing, computing, storage, analysis and allows for higher sequencing depth compared to whole genome sequencing. 

Why choose Genuity Science for your whole exome (WES) services:

  • Our expertise and rigorous quality control standards guarantee a Q30 of 80%, with an average Q30 of >90%.
  • Concierge level project management services manage logistics, sample management, and data delivery—additional peace of mind during complex projects.
  • DNA isolation services available for Blood, Fresh Tissue, and FFPE tissue samples.
  • Quality analysis and the ability to grow with you from research to clinic.
  • Your data delivered to you securely on the cloud. Or if needed, we offer additional data analysis services that provide you actionable insights with variant annotation and reports.
To learn more, download the datasheet below: